Aerial Photography and Visualisation for Built Heritage - PhD Portfolio by Kieran Baxter
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Welcome to Topofly, the aerial photography and visualisation portfolio of Kieran Baxter

The aerial view, at once revealing and transformative, can offer a strange and powerful glimpse into the past. This PhD project aims to better understand how an emerging array of aerial platforms and digital image processing techniques can be used creatively to enhance public engagement with built heritage and it's associated archaeological narrative.

In the course of this practice-led study I have used a variety of methods - from kite aerial platforms to light aircraft - to photograph heritage sites from a range of altitudes, and have travelled the length and breadth of Scotland seeking out some the most beautiful and significant historical and prehistoric monuments. The resulting body of work can be explored on my portfolio page, while some animated outcomes - where I have reconstructed sites digitally using structure from motion photogrammetry - can be found on my showreel page. Some of my written outcomes are accessible on my publications page. I am always keen to discus ideas and hear any comments or feedback so please also feel free to contact me.

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