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I graduated with a first class BA honours degree in Animation & Electronic Media from the University of Dundee in 2011. I have since moved into visualisation for heritage with a series of projects which animate aerial photographs using structure from motion photogrammetry amongst other techniques.


A short computer generated film based upon kite aerial photography taken at the ancient settlement site of Jarlshof with interpretive reconstructions using imagery from various other locations across Scotland. The photographs were gathered over two site visits with special permission from the nearby air traffic control tower for kite flying in such close proximity to Sumburgh Airport.

For HD viewing please follow this link to Vimeo.
See footage of the kite aerial photography in action at the Making of Jarlshof video here.
More details and images can be found at my research website page here.

Tealing Souterrain & Roundhouse

An interpretation showing how this Iron Age underground chamber, excavated outside of the Scottish village of Tealing, may have led off from a wooden roundhouse. This illustration was made using photogrametry based on kite aerial photographs at both Tealing and the Scottish Crannog Centre.

Verdex Ltd

This info graphic was produced to tell the story of Verdex for display at trade shows and online.

The Flying Duchess

A degree project which I worked on with Freya Hotson and John Harkins, the Flying Duchess is a combination of traditionally animated characters and computer generated environments. More details along with contemporary degree films from DJCAD are archived at: animation2011.co.uk


This small team project was completed during my BA at DJCAD, the University of Dundee.

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