Highland Wildlife & Birdwatch safaris
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Golden Eagles soaring in secluded glens... Osprey fishing over picturesque lochs... Crested Tits and Crossbills flitting amongst caledonian pines... Dippers bobbing on rocks in crystal clear rivers... Red Deer on the hillside... Red Squirrels in the forest... rare Grebes and Divers in striking summer plumage...

We see all these marvelous creatures regularly, so whether you are a serious observer, or a complete novice, join our friendly wildlife outings with an experienced local nature watcher in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Why not forget about driving for a day? Enjoy the views from our comfortable Landrover Discovery. Pick-ups can be made from a number of convenient locations in the spey valley.

We visit remote areas of the highlands, a little walking is done to show you the treasures that the casual visitor may never have realized existed. Don't be put off by inclement weather - these days are often the best!

We feel that outings of this nature would be unsuitable for very young children or the very infirm.

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