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Frequently Asked Questions

Q   What birds can we expect see at the time of year we are visiting?
A   You can get a good idea of what species we may see by checking out our sightings blog archives, or by emailing your “wish-list” to me at and I will get back to you with an idea of the likelihood of sightings.

Q   I am not very mobile, will I be ok on one of your safaris?
A   Yes, you probably will. If you notify me of your medical situation at the time of your enquiry, I will be able to plan an itinerary to match your ability, with less walking and avoiding steep hills etc.

Q   How long do your safaris last?
A   My safaris are very flexible – from a Spring/Summer full day (4am-4pm) multi-habitat 12 hour “super-safari”, to a 4 hour “mini-safari”, to a bespoke “exclusive day” viewing just a few special species, often at close range (popular with wildlife photographers/filmmakers).

Q  How many people do you take out on a safari?
A  I only take out small parties (minimum 2 – Maximum 6) in order to ensure a quality experience for all my guests, and to minimise any impact on the wildlife/environment.

Q Where do we meet you on the day of our safari?
A  My safaris are based in Aviemore. If you are staying near to Aviemore, I can usually collect you from your accommodation. Otherwise, collection will be from Myrtlefield (free) car park in Aviemore.

Q  How much will it cost?
A  The cost is very much dependent on the number of persons & duration of safari. You can check-out approximate likely costs on our prices page – but don’t be afraid to ask for a family/group discount!

Q  What do we do about food on your safari?
A  You will need to bring a packed lunch & drink, as we will have an ‘al fresco’ picnic out in the wilds. A hot breakfast will be provided free if you go for an early-start all day safari.

Q  What about toilets/comfort stops?
A  We will stop at least every 2 hours for toilets, and I will give you a fair warning if we are going to be away from civilisation for a while.

If you have any other questions/requests, please feel free to email, text or phone me – my contact details are at the top of the page. 

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