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My background training in painting and drawing feeds into all of my visual work in a variety of ways. The images here represent a broad range of projects demonstrating this draftsmanship and design sensibility through traditional drawing, digital painting, and computer generated modelling.

Concept Paintings

These images were made during preparation for animated outcomes in order to draft composition, colour and atmosphere. They consist of digitally painted pencil drawings.

Fortrose Cathedral

This outline reconstruction was ghosted on top of a kite aerial photograph to help visitors to picture the lost structure as Fortrose cathedral. It was used in an on-site interpretation panel.

Periodical publications Client:
Historic Scotland

Kite aerial photograph and reconstructed
outline combined

The Loch Ness Monster

This image was used to illustrate the legends surrounding the Loch Ness Monster. It combines computer modelling, painting and photomontage and was used in a small booklet publication.

Periodical publications Client:
Colin Baxter Photography Ltd

Illustration from original photograph, model and painting

Trade Show Stand Visualisation

For this project I implemented graphics for a trade show stand design and produced this CAD previsualisation. The resulting stand was installed at an international conference in Shanghai.

Periodical publications Client:

Collaboration with:
Campbell Bryson

Contributed to:
Stand graphic design
Stand previsualisation

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