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Highland Birdwatch & Wildlife Safaris web siteI specialise in aerial photographs taken with a camera suspended from a kite line. This unique perspective is distinct from high altitude or ground level views but takes advantages from both. My passion for specialist photography has led to a series of personal, commercial and research projects across Scotland and beyond. Find a selection of examples below.

Kite Aerial Photography

I began taking kite aerial photographs in 2007 have since built up this portfolio of images. Some photographs were captured in passing while some are the result of a particular personal interest. I am grateful to the support of Historic Scotland who enabled much of this work and the resulting imagery.


Here is a selection of digitally stitched panorama photographs taken whilst traveling and treking.

St Bridget's Kirk

St Bridget's Kirk interpretation panel This kite aerial photograph was commisioned for an interpretation panel at St Bridget's Kirk, a medieval church near Dalgety Bay, Fife. The photograph was intended to show the relationship between the kirk, the graveyard and the coastline of the Forth of Firth, which played an important part in the story of the church.

This commissioned image is reproduced here by kind permission of Historic Scotland © 2011.

Kilmartin Glen

These kite aerial photographs were commissioned to appear on interpretation panels illustrating a number of historic monuments throughout the archaeologically rich Kilmartin Glen in West Scotland.

Argyll Rock Art

These low-level elevated photographs were taken with a camera attached to a telescopic pole. Commissioned to appear on interpretative panels, these photographs illustrate some of the most striking examples of prehistoric rock art found in Argyll in West Scotland.


As well as being used for on-site interpretation panels, my photographs have also featured in periodical publications, promoting some of the most stunning Scottish locations from Shetland to St Andrews.

Periodical publications Top left:
Historic Scotland Members Magazine, Autumn 2012

Bottom & right:
Aurora Magazine for Highlands & Islands Airports, Spring & Summer 2012

Research Work

My aerial photography is central to my PhD research work at the University of Dundee. I am interested in how photographic considerations may play a role in the storytelling of ancient monuments, as well as in how static photographs can be developed into animated content, using structure from motion photogrammetry for example. This research has a dedicated website under the domain topofly.com

Research homepage:

Animated content:

Research blog:

All material © 2013 Kieran Baxter unless otherwise credited. All rights reserved.