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Web Design

Highland Birdwatch & Wildlife Safaris web site Chris Townsend Outdoors website Colin Baxter Photography Ltd website Find below a selection of projects, from e-commerce shopfronts to blogs and small businesses pages, each representing a unique design challenge. Whatever the function of your website, visual considerations will play an important role in engaging with an audience. If you are interested in the design possibilities of your own project, please do get in touch via the
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Highland Birdwatch & Wildlife Safaris web siteI specialise in aerial photographs taken with a camera suspended from a kite line. This unique perspective is distinct from high altitude or ground level views but takes advantages from both. My passion for specialist photography has led to a series of personal, commercial and research projects across Scotland and beyond. Find a selection of examples below.


I graduated with a first class BA honours degree in Animation & Electronic Media from the University of Dundee in 2011. I have since moved into visualisation for heritage with a series of projects which animate aerial photographs using structure from motion photogrammetry amongst other techniques.


My background training in painting and drawing feeds into all of my visual work in a variety of ways. The images here represent a broad range of projects demonstrating this draftsmanship and design sensibility through traditional drawing, digital painting, and computer generated modelling.

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